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Bound To Gravity

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Sahara Surfers
Sonar Pilot

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Sahara Surfers
Spacetrip On A Paper Plane

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After more than one year of work, the debut of our sludge-trio finally arrived. You can order it in our webshop as an exquisite six-sided digipak or just download it for free HERE. You can also listen to the entire album on Bandcamp and say "hello" on HOMEs FACEBOOK-page if you like it. Anyway, ENJOY!


Sahara Surfers are going to start their tour for Brazil and Argentina by the end of the month!! Those are the dates:

Feb 26 - Sao Paulo / Inferno Club
Feb 27 - Sao Carlos / Seven Pub
Feb 28 - Anapolis / tba
Mar 1 - Goi‚nia / Festival Grito Rock
Mar 2 - Petropolis / Festival Grito Rock
Mar 4 - Juiz de Fora / Festival Grito Rock
Mar 5 - Rio de Janeiro / Audio Rebel
Mar 6 - Porto Alegre / Eclipse Studio Bar
Mar 7 - Santa Maria / Macondo Lugar
Mar 8 - Cacapava do Sul / Festival Grito Rock
Mar 9 - Buenos Aires / Uniclub


The sludge-trio is going to call their first album "Bound To Gravity". Like their self-titled EP, the entire album was produced by HOME-drummer Mathias Magerle and will be released on the 21st of February 2014. It will contain the following songs:

01. Hole
02. Next To Last
03. No Way Out, My Friend
04. Not Even Me
05. Burlesque
06. Old Hand
07. Kyoto
08. Horse Cable
09. Dead City


Quite a while ago the Sahara Surfers released the first video-clip for the titletrack of their 2011 album "Sonar Pilot". It contains knights, sword-fights, magic and a lot of playback singing:

You should also check out the making-of. It's not always easy working with wizards...

In contrast to this our sludgies from HOME released an eight-minutes clip, which is more a small documentary than a musicvideo. "That's How Roll Pt. 1" is the name and it also contains some sneak peeks at their upcoming debut. More infos about that soon...


We know, it's march already, but we still wanted to acknowledge the extremely positive response to their new album Sonar Pilot in 2011. As some of you may know, the album made it in lots of best-of-lists on various blogs and so here we want to give you guys a short overview of this lists:

- Stonerobixx Best Of Compilation 2011
- Sonar Pilot on Top 5 -
- Sonar Pilot on Top 10 - groverXIII@nocleansinging
- Sonar Pilot on Top 18 - gaia@nocleansinging
- Sonar Pilot on Top 10 - stonedsunvibrations

Further Sonar Pilot reviews:

- Review @ heavy planet
- Review @ OX Fanzine(also in their print edition)
- Review @ Avopolis(GR)

Enough links for now. We want to thank every blog/community/zine/etc. for the kind words they wrote about Sahara Surfers' Sonar Pilot(and Sound Zero) and of course we thank each and every fan for their continuing support! Thank you!

Other news:

We're looking forward to host Samsara Blues Experiment and Iguana next Saturday(31st of march) at our home-club PMK in Innsbruck. Future concerts at PMK hosted by us will be Zippo and DeepSeaGreen on May 18, 2012 and Asteroid and a second band on June 5, 2012 - stay tuned!

For the guys who are looking forward to Floiten Jam as much as we are: At the moment we are not sure if we can realize this year's edition of our Floiten Jam festival. We're still working on it and we'll let you know as soon as possible if and when the next Floiten Jam takes place. Thanks for your patience.

That's it for now, thanks for reading!

- the Sound Zero dudes


The Austrian sludge-trio HOME released a live recorded preview track for their first longplayer which will be released on Sound Zero Records. You can check it out and download it on the band's bandcamp page:

Better late than never, HOME's guitar player Amadeus wrote a tour report about their tour in September with their friends Sahara Surfers. Unfortunately the whole thing is written in German, so you have to consult your favorite translation software or ask a German-speaking friend to tell you what it's about, if you're not speaking German in the first place. You'll find it on the webpage of Austrian's heavy music zine Stormbringer: